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 Interview with Vikings GM (VHawk)

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PostSubject: Interview with Vikings GM (VHawk)   Thu May 01, 2008 3:24 pm

The follow is an excerpt from an interview with Vikings GM VHawk on the 2008 NFL Draft and after picking his brain, I realized that he is very prepared and knowledgable about the big day on April 26.

Spygate:1. Who are the Vikings looking at in this draft class with #17?


"We do not have the 17th pick anymore, we traded it to Kansas City to get the best DL in the NFL by acquiring Jared Allen. But for 47, I will be looking to bring in Flacco or Brohm, QB competition is always good. I will also be looking at DE Lawrence Jackson, any of the top 5 WR's (Hardy, Jackson, Sweed, Kelly, Thomas, not in any order) and S's Kenny Phillips and Tyrell Johnson. Could go many ways."

Spygate:2. Who has or will be invited to Winter Park for an official visit?


"The people I have mentioned above are who will be, and maybe a few surprises too Laughing The ones brought in so far are Phillips, Flacco, Brohm and Jackson"

Spygate:3. What is the Vikings biggest area of need heading into the draft?


"We feel as we are set to be a top contender in the NFC the way it is, but some competition at a few places like QB would be nice and some depth in case of injury at some others."

Spygate:4. What type of players do the Vikings like to draft?


"We like to draft high character guys. We have had problems in the path with things like the Love Boat and Moss bumping into a police officer with his car. Along with some drug stuff, so we are trying to get rid of all of those negative images of the Vikings."

Spygate:5. Who has caught your eye so far?


"Phillips, Hardy and Flacco are probably the top 3 on my board right now, but I feel I may need to move up to get one of them so there could be some movement out of me come draft day.

6. Are you interested in moving up in the draft? Down?


"I am always looking to move. If a top player on our board falls a bit, it could be up, or if we get good value to move down, we could move down."

Spygate:7. Who in your opinion is the best player in this draft?


"I would say the Long's are the best player's in the draft. Those two are both very good players and very high character guys."

Spygate:8. Is this a weak or strong draft class in your opinion?


"I think the top end talent is weak, but it does have some good depth, especially at QB, at least for my West Coast Offense. I think some positions are very deep like WR and RB and some are not like DE and S"

Spygate:9. Who will be the next Adrian Peterson in this draft? Will there even be one?


"Can anyone match Adrian Peterson? I mean OROY, Pro Bowler, Pro Bowl MVP. Had he not gotten hurt at all he would have broke the record for rookie rushing yards. There is no AD in this draft."

Spygate: Thanks.
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Interview with Vikings GM (VHawk)
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