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 Interview with Falcons GM (Fight_On_SC)

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PostSubject: Interview with Falcons GM (Fight_On_SC)   Sun May 18, 2008 1:19 pm

The following excerpt is from my most recent interview with Falcons GM (Fight_On_SC) who seemed very set on rebuilding and starting fresh after escaping both the Mike Vick and Bobby Petrino disaster(s).




Spygate : 1. With Michael Vick gone, how early do you plan on addressing the QB position, if at all?

Fight_On_SC_8 : Well the Michael Vick thing was a huge setback to our franchise. We will add a quarterback on the first day.

Spygate : 2. You also have a glaring need at DT with the departure of Rod Coleman and Grady Jackson, is Glenn Dorsey catching your eye as a replacement?

Fight_On_SC_8 : Glenn is a defensive tackle prospect that doesn't come around to often he is big strong and fast. Would be a great addition to our team he is a high character guy and we need to build a new environment in our locker room.

Spygate : 3. After trading DeAngelo Hall people will be questioning your secondary. How much faith do the Falcons have in sophomore CB Chris Houston, and do you consider CB a need? If so then how big?

Fight_On_SC_8 : We love Chris he is a guy we could see developing into a very good player. But Cornerback is a need we will add when before the draft is over.Although it's not our biggest need

Spygate : 4. With somewhat of a rebuilding phase going on in Atlanta, how do you feel about possibly moving the older veterans on the team such as Joe Horn or Keith Brooking?

Fight_On_SC_8 : We love what Keith and Joe did for us last season.But we want to rebuild this team with good young talent both of them could be involved in trades before or during draft day.

Spygate : 5. You saw the emergence of a few young players last year; most notably, Roddy White, after many had considered him a bust he is looking like a top target. As well as linebackers Stephen Nicholas and Michael Boley?

Fight_On_SC_8 : Yes those were some key guys to our team last season we really like Michael and Stephen.We traded Roddy awhile back to Houston in a deal for #18. But we belive Michael and Stephen can both be pro-bowl type players and have pro-bowl type seasons in 09.

Spygate :
6. What attracted you to dealing Roddy after finally proving to be one of the top WR's in the NFC?

Fight_On_SC_8 : Like I said earlier we want to rebuild this team from the ground up.Roddy was very productive last season with really no quarterback,but we need to add younger talent and we can do so with #18

Spygate :
7. Any thoughts on moving up/down in the draft?

Fight_On_SC_8 :
We are currently trying to move up to #1.We are always looking to move up

Spygate : 8. Do you plan on establishing the offense or the defense more in the draft?

Fight_On_SC_8 :
Offense is were we are really looking to improve,we are trying to get some o-line help a quarterback and a bigtime reciver

Spygate : 9. O-line help? Is that a hint that Jake Long has caught the Falcons eye?

Fight_On_SC_8 :
It might be. He is a great, experienced player. Fight_On_SC_8 : We have brought in Flacco,Ryan,Brohm,Dixon and HenneWould look nice next to Justin Blalock

Spygate : 10. Which QB's have the Falcons brought in for an interview? Who left Atlanta having the best workout at QB?

Fight_On_SC_8 :
We have brought in Flacco,Ryan,Brohm,Dixon and Henne. And we really think that Flacco,Ryan and Dixon had the best workouts, and we will be looking for one of them to fall to us.
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Interview with Falcons GM (Fight_On_SC)
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